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Vaxx- "Shedding" - What is it and how a Quild can help you!

Today we would like to share our experiences around the topic of vaccination "shedding" with you and offer an effective solution with the Immune Booster Quild.


What is vaccine "shedding"?

Vaccination "shedding" is the name given to the process in which Corona vaccine spikes are transferred from a vaccinated person to an an un-vaccinated person.

This occurs either via breath through the air or via any physical contact. This can cause problems especially in couples with different vaccination status.

As expected, when searching for shedding on the first 2 or 3 search result pages, Google mainly offers posts that dismiss the topic as a "conspiracy theory".

We clearly see it differently and can also confirm it.

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Known symptoms of vaccination "shedding".

Over the last few months we have collected the following known symptoms that indicate Shedding and would like to share them with you here as a no obligation guide.

  • Irregularities in menstrual cycles
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin lesions
  • Gastrointestinal pain
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • dry mouth to name a few

Furthermore, we recommend the Telegram channel "Vaxx Shedding", where un-vaccinated people share their experiences.

How does the vaccination spike "shedding" happen?

With the increase of people who are vaccinated, it is now possible almost every day that you share a room with a vaccinated person. Whether it is at work, in a restaurant, in an elevator, on a train or bus, or even just visiting grandparents, parents or friends, the chance of being exposed to vaccine spikes is high.

Wherever we share narrow spaces or sit at the same table, the risk of coming into contact with the vaccine spikes through the air is very high. This is also true for infection with other infections.

We clearly do not want to further fuel the division of humanity here. I myself do not miss the opportunity to meet with vaccinated or un-vaccinated friends or family members.

But we recommend everyone to protect themselves and others with an Immune Booster Quild. Based on our months of observation, this is an effective way to actively protect ourselves and move more safely and freely.

How does the Immune Booster Quild help unvaccinated with shedding?

If you don't use Immune Booster Quild yet or don't know how it works, I recommend you take a closer look at the following article.

Acute vaccination spike "shedding"

Help after a vaccination spike protein shedding

You do not have Immune Booster Quild at this time. You have been in contact with vaccinated and now have signs of Spike Protein Shedding.

What now? How does the Immune Booster Quild help after shedding?

  • You book an Immune Booster Quild or even better the Immune Booster and EMF Protection Quild and activate it on your Smart Phone, USB-Stick or SDCard.
  • You always carry one of these devices with you. A Quild protects you in a radius of 10 meters
  • From experience we can say that the shedding and its effects go away within 2 days
  • Through permanent use, you will be protected from new shedding
  • An Immune Booster Quild can be booked for individuals but also for families or groups up to 5 people.

Prevention of the vaccination spike "shedding".

As a non-vaccinated person, you now understand the risk of the vaccine spike "shedding". You want to protect yourself and your family preventively.

We were able to gather a lot of experience around this topic in the last 3-5 months.

Today we know that the preventive protection with an Immune Booster Quild works very well.

What now? How does the Immune Booster Quild help preventively?

  • You book an Immune Booster Quild or even better the Immune Booster and EMF Protection Quild and activate it on your Smart Phone, USB-Stick or SDCard.
  • You carry one of these devices with you, a Quild protects with a radius of 10 meters
  • When you come into contact with a vaccinated person, the Immune Booster Quild immediately detects the shedding as it enters the body and lifts it. This happens virtually instantly!
  • You avoid the possible consequences of shedding before they occur
  • Through the permanent use, you will be protected from a new shedding
  • An Immune Booster Quild can be booked for individuals but also for families or groups up to 5 people.


The Quild team tries in the topic of Corona, in the last two years, to argue as far as possible neutral. We do not want to stir up more fear and also do not want to further divide the population. This does not help and only plays into the hands of those causing the plague.

In our work we have learned that our immune booster Quild is a very good helper for many of the current problems around Corona and the mRNA vaccination.

We therefore recommend un-vaccinated and vaccinated people to use an Immune Booster Quild to protect the whole family.

Of course we are also available for your questions. Feel free to contact our support!

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