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Welcome to the world of quantum field
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Transform negative energy from the Internet into love - The 1×1!

Mind-Control is real! You should protect yourself and your loved ones, especially your children from it.

The distribution of negative energy is easier today than ever before!

With the eTransformer-Quild we address a problem, which has not been discussed so often or even taken for granted.

The use of modern technology, connected with the internet, harms the user in different ways and enables mind control.

Negative energy

It is about negative energy and active mind control programs

In this case, we are not talking about EMF radiation problems that affect the biology of humans, animals and nature. For that there is already a great EMF Protection Quild, which protects you from this radiation. It is not about space energies either.

Negative energies, thought patterns, emotions and conscious manipulations influence your well-being.

Whether it is your IP-TV, your cell phone or the computer in your office, you are picking up negative energies which are spread over the internet network.

The problem was noticed by a highly sensitive person in our team.

Karin Baumann noticed how even a short time on the computer caused her to lose her normally high vibration. Her vibration became fearful, sad, sometimes even really aggressive.

More and more she had to give up using the computer simply to keep her energy high. This was difficult for you and it is difficult for anyone who is dependent on computers and cell phones for work.

Peter Baumann then got to the bottom of it and started several test series in this direction.

What came out was frightening! He decided, we need a new Quild, the eTransformer Quild.


It is NOT about what you hear or watch!

We speak here expressly not about the listening and watching of fear-making or sad content, movies, podcast, news, etc., which influence you negatively.

It is about the active spreading of fear energies, foreign energies, manipulations by people who use it for their benefit!

This negative energy comes to you directly from the Internet if you don't protect yourself from it.

It is enough if you sit at your device (computer, cell phone or IP-TV). For example, you have Word open with a blank document, and we could measure the negative energy that is spread over the Internet.

Isn't that unbelievable?

The topic has been known to us for almost a year now. Peter Baumann needed several attempts until he handed over the new eTransformer build to me in confidence for testing.

And what can I say, it just feels great!

I would like to share a thought process with you!

Just imagine! I have been working together with Peter Baumann for more than 8 years now. We give our clients Quilds to positively optimize their holistic well-being and health.

A Quild is a file with a frequency that you carry with you on your cell phone, USB drive or SDCard. Learn more about the application here.

This file, which you don't have to look at, has positive abilities. For example, it strengthens your immune system, it harmonizes EMF radiation, it cures herpes and all other viral and bacterial infections.

It is like a miracle!

So it is actually easy to understand that a small intervention in your field (quantum field, matrix) can have a big impact on your well-being.

So what harm can a negative intention do?

Now imagine what the maybe 20'000'000'000 people, devices, mind-control programs and algorithms can do to you if they carry a negative energy with them or even want to distribute it consciously.

It then helps the agenda to make you sick, insecure, and sad, and it is intentional!

The eTransformer build transforms these negative energies into positive love energy.

What does the eTransformer Quild

The reason why the development of the eTransformer-Quild took longer is probably to be found in Peter Baumann's consciousness that he does not want to create another manipulation.

In all his developments love and the wish for harmony and peace are in the foreground. A Quild is a helper to achieve this desire for the benefit of all mankind.

Peter Baumann described the effect of the eTransformer Quild to me as follows:

  • The incoming negative field energy is fragmented into thousands of parts
  • Negative energy fragments are transformed into love and light
  • The power of the negative is transformed into the power of the positive
Isn't that wonderful?

It is essential to observe the following!

The application of the eTransformer Quild is different from all other Quilds.

In general, Quilds work with a radius of 10 meters around the device (USB stick, cell phone or SDCard), mostly for the users mentioned by name.


The eTransformer Quild is a little different!

The eTransformer build must be placed at a maximum distance of 20 cm from the screen of the desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone. The eTransformer-Quild is stored on mini SDCards, SDCards and USB sticks and placed as mentioned above.

The eTransformer Quild is valid and active for 1 year....

Who needs an eTransformer Quild?

From my point of view, actually every person!

In the mission to create a positive environment for people, it is clear after my first two weeks of testing, that actually every person needs an eTransformer-Quild.

For this reason we offer the eTransformer-Quild generally for families / groups up to a maximum of 5 people, who are named.

Thereby the 5 named people are allowed to copy the eTransformer-Quild for all devices like IP-TV, desktop computers, pads and cell phones multiple times and use it on different devices.

An important tool for the change to the new world

The goal of many people today is to take your life into your own hands and create a new better world.

Each person does this for himself and the goals may be different. My idea of a perfect world may differ from yours.

Now let's set out together into a new world!

But there is something that we all have in common. We have to break out of old habits, patterns, paradigms to experience a new world.

It goes without saying that negative energies and targeted mind-control programs are not helpful.

Our new eTransformer-Quild is another strong helper for humanity in this time.

Click "Book Now" and we will present you a great combo offer! The 2023/2024 Quild and the here presented eTransformer-Quild as a unique package for your active personal change.

We strongly believe that these tools will help you on your way to your new world.

Try it out now!

Andreas Koller

About the author

It is now the time when we can realize that the creation of a perfect world for ourselves lies within ourselves. I have been on this path of creating my own perfect world for a while now. This is taking place for me on the inside as well as the outside.

Working with the Quild's has helped me learn that the subtle world dominates our physical world. We are in control of our own world if we take responsibility for it and keep our thought worlds clean. Come with me on the path to paradise, your paradise!

I create my world with every thought I think. So let us think carefully!

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