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Download your Quild

Order your Quild and we will send you a link to download the Quild field information

The Quild Application process is very simple. Your Quild field information comes inside a "sealed file," which you can download and distribute to your devices directly after the order process. You can carry one or several Quild's on your devices. 

Some of the Quild's are activated for the duration of the treatment. Others are active for a longer time, like the immunity booster and the EMF protection Quild.

Download the Quild

Download the Quild from our Google Drive

store on devices

Store the Quild on one or several devices and carry them with you

You can store the Quild Pocket Quantum Field on any of your preffered devices such as your flash drive, SDCard or on your mobile phone. Any device of these types can work. To carry your Quild on your Phone or iPad, check out the iPhone or Android setup!

Your Flash Drive

Your Flash Drive

Your SDCard

Your SDCards

Your Mobile Phone

Your Mobile Phone

carry the device with you

Make sure you always carry ONE device on you for full protection

By carrying you Quild Pocket Quantum Field with you on a device, you create a protection field with a radius of 10 meters around you. 

Learn more about the range of Quild intensive Treatments and Prevention & Protection Quild’s. Quild’s is time-saving, safe and convenient!

Quild Application