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continuous prevention & Protection

Keeping your Immune System Strong and Protected from EMF Radiation is Key now.

We are living in a time of permanent treads to our health and well being. Some, like stress, unhealthy lifestyle, not getting enough sleep, we do to our self, the environment dictates others.

The Quild inventor team has come up with a simple way to improve the two key issues which affect every human being in this world. We are excited to introduce to you the Immunity Booster and the EMF Radiation Quild!

Boost you Immune System and improve your overall health status.

Immunity Booster Quild (Build & Maintain)

The Immunity Booster Quild lets you build & maintain a robust immune system. Its common knowledge that a healthy immune system is the best way to keep illness away.

In our tests, we recognized that people generally fall fewer times sick, and when they do, the recovery time is faster. Besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we recommend the Immunity Booster Quild as a little helper in your pocket to improve and maintain your health status.

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Protection from EMF Radiation caused by all kind of electro-smog.

EMF Protection Quild (Permanent Protection)

The EMF Protection Quild addresses the needs of people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity but also creates protection for people that are not yet feeling the impact of the radiation surrounding us. 

Tests have shown a significant reduction in oxidative stress like discomfort, burning body areas, lack of concentration, restlessness, anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties, and tiredness.

QUILD Success Rating *

Please read the full medical disclaimer

Prevention & Protection QUILD’s

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