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Peter Baumann is the inventor of the Quild Pocket Quantum Field technology and the Bi-Digital Resonance Diagnostics (BDRD). Peter Baumann has been running a naturopathy practice in Switzerland since 1994. His extensive research in the last 30 years resulted in the unique Quild Pocket Quantum Field therapy.

Peter Baumann, Natural Doctor & Quild Inventor

Peter Baumann
Natural Doctor & Quild Inventor

Welcome to Quild.net

I’m happy and excited that you found your way to the Quild.net website and entered a fascinating new world, the world of Pocket Quantum Fields.

A warm welcome to you. My name is Peter Baumann, I'm the inventor of the Quild method. As I write these opening lines, I realize that the story of Quild’s actually began over 50 years ago! When I was still a child, all I ever wanted was a radio, a so-called walkie-talkie, which unfortunately I never got. But I'll come back to this later.

Busy and successful naturopathy practice in Switzerland since 1994

I have been running a naturopathy practice in Switzerland since 1994. From the first day on, it was essential for me to take my patients seriously and focus on finding the root cause of their illness. I always work on the principle that there is no therapy without a detailed diagnosis.

Early lesson that a detailed diagnosis is key to success

From my pathology teacher Dr. Kresnik I learned that 80% of the deceased patients he examined received the wrong medical treatment. This statement has strongly influenced me to this day. I wanted to make it better at every turn.

On the way to more precise diagnostic possibilities, I completed a 3-year training in classical homeopathy in Germany, in addition to other trainings. This training was a crucial intermediate stage, as homeopathy gave me a different perspective on how to treat my patients holistically.

Adopting the Bi-Digital Resonance Diagnostics (BDRD)

One of my professional highlights was my training in 1997 with Prof. Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, New York. From him I learned, among other things, the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT), which he based on scientific principles. I simplified his test a little bit and gave my test the name Bi-Digital Resonance Diagnostics (BDRD).

This BDRD method enables me to make a precise diagnosis directly on the patient quickly and easily. I can also use BDRD to examine a remedy for its effectiveness. I work with this method every day, and my patients appreciate the transparency of the BDRD method and the achieved results. To work with Prof. Y. Omura's method, a vast amount of test material of bacteria, viruses, diseased tissues, etc. is needed to work successfully. These inputs were not always easy to find. I was still looking for a way to simplify and refine my BDRD.

In 2000 I bought the book “The Cure for All Diseases” from Hulda Regehr Clark. Mrs. Clark has studied bacteria, viruses, parasites, and poisoning in-depth and has developed the zapper, an electrical device to kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites. I liked many of the ideas in this book, but couldn’t make myself try anything and put the book aside.

A few years later, patients came to my practice several times a day, and more and more I heard, that they treated themselves at home with a zapper several times a day. The patients told me that if they treated themselves with the zapper, their chronic diseases would be alleviated. I listened up and decided to look at the book again.

My first lessons in frequencies and electromagnetic waves

As I said in the beginning, one of my childhood desires was owning a walky-talky, which I bought myself when I was 16 years old. I was fascinated by the possibility of speech transmission through electromagnetic waves. I built myself a radio station when I was 18 and illegally broadcast music to all the villagers.

Also, I bought a shortwave pirate radio station a year before and had daily contact around the globe. But this became too dangerous for me because I had to expect hefty fines if the authorities would catch me. Therefore I trained myself further, and at the age of 19, I passed the amateur radio operator exam at the local authorities. Now I was allowed to pursue my interests legally.

Trained in electronic warfare by the Swiss military

After my graduation in mechanics, I did my military service in 1982 and 1983 and was trained in electronic warfare and had a lot to do with radio transmissions. After my military service, I further trained in electronics and radio relay technology, where I also worked until I graduated as a natural doctor.

Now the circle is slowly closing!

In the book by Hulda Clarc she describes how to build a simple zapper. But this was too imprecise for me, and I bought a professional frequency generator to be able to check her descriptions using my BDRD method. This procedure was very easy for me because I was technically and medically well trained. Unfortunately, my results on the test subjects were not satisfactory. Nevertheless, I was enthusiastic about the work of Hulda Clark, because I got impulses to develop a new therapy on my own.

The first great results with my HelperOne technology

It did not take long, and my first effective therapy to effectively treat herpes type 1 was born. Motivated by this success, new treatments came up very quickly. I gave my discovery the name “HelperOne” because it was and still is my first helper at my practical place.

It was in 2016, when I made the herpes treatments accessable online at Herpes-No.com. Since then, many clients enjoyed great and mostly lasting results in their fight against herpes. As the site is still active, I recommend today to use the Quild's here on quild.net, as they have shown even more decisive results.

HelperOne is an advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tool for therapists

Today, in 2020, after 14 years and thousands of hours of research, the HelperOne technology is a mature advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tool for therapists who are looking for another way to provide optimal care to their patients. Click on the link to the HelperOne website (only in german); www.HelperOne.ch

Through my HelperOne method, I got many satisfied and happy patients who, in turn, refer patients from home and abroad to me. Except for the opening advertisement in May 1994, I never made myself known through an ad.

Natural and conventional doctors adopt the method for their work

I now train doctors who successfully integrate the HelperOne method into their practice. They highly appreciate the straight forward diagnosis process they can achieve with the HelperOne Method.

Now I have developed an ingenious “HelperOne” diagnosis and therapy system, I train doctors in this method, and yet something still feels amiss.

Learning to understand electromagnetic pollution and its effects

As a directional radio technician, I was surrounded by electro-smog for days and weeks, be it at a customer’s site or in the company’s laboratory (technical room). One day (over 30 years ago), I was reading a report about electro-smog and its effects on the human body. This topic caught my attention, and I started to make tests at my workplace. I spoke with a lot of other people who were also familiar with radio technology but everyone down-played my questions and only smiled at me. I also wondered whether my premature baldness, which started after the military service, was caused by too much electro-smog? But I was the only one who was interested in this topic at that time. I found books from the USA, which pointed me towards good basic Russian research.

Russians understood the risks of EMF pollution early

These research papers were astonishing since the European market was slow to take notice of the topic, and little research was done in the field. The Russians had been dealing with the effects of radiation for years, since they had recognized the problem. It made me think that the Russians have by a factor 1000, stricter regulation limit for electro-smog than what we have in the USA or Europe. So a microwave oven was 1000 times safer in Russia than in Switzerland. Whether it is still like this today, I wouldn't know because of my lacking in knowledge of the Russian language. These studies were fascinating, but as a technician, I did not understand the scientific medical implications.  But I wanted to understand this, and so I decided to study natural medicine. I also changed to another radio department because I did not want to expose myself to the dangers of microwave radiation anymore.

My conclusion on electromagnetic pollution today

Concluding all my research and studies, I can now assure you that electro-smog is a danger to our health. Again, the factors of frequency, radiation intensity, type of radiation, duration, and whether the subject is a child or an adult play a significant a role determining the kind of effects that would play out. Since the 5G grid has been rolled out as from 2019 onwards in Switzerland and all around the world, Ihad to think about what I could do besides physical protection (shielding), since 5G is incredibly stressful to all forms of life, not just humans.

Many products are advertised on the market promising to alleviate the effects of electro-smog. Many solutions promise a reduction of electro-smog. As far as my technical knowledge goes, I cannot imagine how physical electromagnetic fields can be reduced except by shielding. Maybe there is a way I have not heard of yet; about which I would like to be instructed.

Until then, I have to find another way to keep my body safe against electro-smog.

Known remedies are not satisfying to me

An excellent alternative to reacting less to electro-smog is to take in not only healthy food but also sensible amounts of, targeted micro-nutrients via food supplements. Tests with BDRD proved successful, but it was not enough for people who were exposed daily to a strong field of mobile antennas, radiotelephones, cell phones, WIFI, etc. The body needs additional help to cope better with the stress.

Successful tests with Quantum Information

I experimented with quantum information, which strengthened our body, and therefore we were less weakened by electro-smog.

I found a fantastic solution by placing the information on a storage device like a USB stick or SD card. That was how the Quild technology was born! This information on a tiny chip enables our energy field to absorb and make us more resistant. Isn’t that great!

Quild's are a game changer for my patients

The Quild’s work great. I have given Quild’s to many patients suffering electromagnetic hypersensitivity for testing, and over 90% were delighted with the benefits. Testing with BDRD showed a massive reduction in oxidative stress that was present in the patients before treatment. I challenge anyone who has mastered the test procedure to test our Quild's independently. 

New Quild developments followed soon

After experiencing the results of the EMF Protection Quild's,our work started expanding to other areas, I started developing a range of other Quild’s. Our principal here on Quild.net is that we only offer Quild’s that have at least a 90% success rate with BDRD in my subjects.

In early September 2020 we finally released the initial Quild.net website with the first nine Quild's. That's only the beginning. I have a range of new Quild's as a work in progress on my table, several are already in test series. As soon as I achieve the expected 90% success rate with a group of patient, we will release new Quild's, one by one.

My permanent mission to improve the Quild technology

There are still cases of customers are not getting the desired results from Quild’s. Too many factors can come together, and the body does not respond to the Quild information as usual. At Quild.net we always strive to improve and perfect the technology.

Since I don't have the opportunity to diagnose every individual customer online, I depend on the feedback from our clients. We always invite our clients to tell us their Quild story (Testimonies), and we analyze the results carefully.

If you are not satisfied, you get your money back!

As I like to see my clients satisfied, we decided to give a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our Quild's. If you are not satisfied with the result, you will get your money back, no questions asked.

I think this is a fair policy and it should invite you to try a Quild!

Intensive treatments or preventive Quild's

Our Quild products are generally grouped into intensive treatments and protective and preventive Quild's.

All the Quild's we offer, actively support the self-healing capability of our body. Please note that the Quild's do not heal directly, but they actively activate your own self-healing powers.

Finally, it is important to me to say that Quild's cannot replace the doctor or therapist. Please take a look at our medical disclaimer concerning that.

A final word

I invite you from the deepest of my heart, do give my Quild's a trial. Quild's and my diagnostic system are my lifetime achievement and I wish that as many people as possible can benefit from them.

My Quild's work as well for you as they do for all my client in my practical place.

Simply try it out!

If you have any question or suggestion on my work, feel free to contact me using our support contact. I always have an eye on all the support requests and will always reply to you.

Please understand that my busy schedule does not always allow mee to reply on the same day.

For now I wish you good health and happiness.


Peter Baumann