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Welcome to the world of quantum field
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Learn how to measure your own Quild success in "life force" in 15 minutes?

Are you wondering if you really need a Quild? Are you looking for a way to measure the success of your Quild? Then you've come to the right place!

Bovis units: An Instrument for Measuring Life Energy in Your Environment

I will show you in this post how you can measure the power of your Quild and other things! You will be able to measure the increase of your life force through time, with or without a Quild.

You will be able to measure the life force of the Quild itself and how it affects your personal life force.

This is really fun and will definitely open your eyes!

Through my work with Peter Baumann and the Quilds I have learned that subtle energies in our environment can fundamentally influence our well-being and health.

Especially in the first years I asked Peter Baumann again and again how we can measure our success with the Quilds.

After all these years, I don't even need this proof anymore, because the results simply speak for themselves.

With this article, I would like to give people who want to measure success a wonderful tool.

The instrument is called "Bovis units" or "Bovis measurements".

I promise you, if you try it, you will have some extraordinarily interesting experiences for your life. This article is meant to be a first introduction. We will go deeper into this area and application in the future.

Try it out!

What can I measure with Bovis units?

For almost three years now, I have been experimenting with Bovis units. The process has been a complete success for me and has fundamentally changed and strengthened my life and my understanding of subtle energies.

I measure the following things and their change through time:

  • The development of my personal life energy
  • The life energy of a place, e.g. my house, a room
  • Toxins
  • stimulants
  • Food
  • Healing substances
  • Quilds
  • Stones, crystals
  • Processed stones (optimized stones)
  • Organic objects
  • Sacred geometries, etc.

But before we go any further here, I need to pass on to you some basics about Bovis technology.

The Bovis units were named after Alfred Bovis

Alfred Bovis (1871 - 1947) was a French researcher from Nice, who was engaged in radiesthesia.

The result of his work is a measuring technique that allows anyone to measure the vital energy of an organic object. The technique works with a scale, which Alfred Bovis gave the name "Bovis scale".

The measuring tool is the Bovis scale and a pendulum
life energy

And this is how the Bovis units are measured

I begin the process in each case by "oaking" the pendulum!

Without using the Bovis scale, I ask the pendulum to give me a clear "YES" and a clear "NO". When I get these answers, I know that I have swung in correctly.

I then pick up the Bovis scale and focus on the object I want to measure. For example, I focus on myself and ask the pendulum to show me the Bovis value of myself, that is, my personal life energy.

To do this, I hold the still pendulum over the small white semicircle on the scale above. The pendulum begins to swing and shows me the Bovis value, i.e. my own life energy at this moment.

Isn't that great?

With the same approach, all sorts of things can be measured. Find some examples below.

ATTENTION, if you measure e.g. a Quild, the normal Bovis scale is not enough, you have to work with the extended Bovis scale. I give you this for download further down in this post.

Wikipedia gives us an interesting hint!

The contribution of Alfred Bovis has been massively downgraded since I worked on it! Not much can be found anymore.

The fact that Wikipedia dismisses his work with the Bovis units as pseudoscience has of course strengthened my interest even more.

I am sure that you, my esteemed reader here understand what I mean by this. We should have learned that much in the last 3 years.

The thesis of Alfred Bovis explained in a few sentences

  • The original Bovis scale goes from 0 - 15000
  • A normal healthy person, should measure more than 6500 Bovis
  • When a person falls below 2000 Bovis, he is sick and prone to other diseases
  • Reaching Bovis units above 9000 and more, improves your overall health - your vitality.

Life works like an accounting system in the sense of Bovis

  • The sum of all measurable influencing factors increases or decreases our Bovis value
  • Food from 6500 to 8500 Bovis are thus slightly positive
  • Food from 9000 to 11500 Bovis are thus naturally better
  • Healing substances from 12000 to 15000 cure
  • Stimulants from 3000 to 6000, pull down our Bovis value
  • Toxins from 0 - 2500 are thus poison for us and our Bovis value

So if I now observe which substances or environmental factors influence my life, I myself can easily optimize my general condition and increase my life energy.

I love the good life! Now is that harmful?

My lifestyle would probably be described by many people as not necessarily optimal. I have a few vices and don't want to let some of them go either.

So I have optimized the "balance sheet" through extensive analysis and changes in my environment and diet. I haven't left out anything that I really like. I just try to reduce individual very bad things and add more positive things to my life.

Here are some suggestions with which I myself have positively influenced my Bovis value:

Create a positive environment and improve your vitality!

My experience with Bovis measurements over the last two years:

The changes I initiated in my environment and in my diet show a continuous positive effect.

My Bovis level has risen massively since I started taking measurements.

I will only say this much! For about a year now, my personal Bovis level has significantly exceeded the end of the Bovis standard scale of 15000. Very clearly!

Based on my experience with measurements in my environment, I assume that alone the continuous use of an
immune booster and EMF protection Quild, after a few months leads to a very positive Bovis value of 9000 Bovis and more.

Learn: not all tomatoes are the same!

A very big experience during my test series is that not all tomatoes are the same.

Let me explain what I mean!

If you start with the things you have in your kitchen "for eating and drinking", you will find interesting things.

Depending on how the edibles were produced, the Bovis levels can be massively different. And unfortunately often "BIO" is not a guarantee that the product is really good.

Try it out for yourself!

I'll give you some suggestions on how or what you could test yourself:

  • Water, from the tap or from the bottle, from different producers.
  • Fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, bread, take everything on a table and measure the Bovis value.
  • Pick a cheap tomato, an organic tomato, a tomato directly from the farmer and compare.
  • Make the comparison with the same products from different suppliers
  • Test stimulants such as alcohol, cigarettes, other drugs, etc.
  • Try "factory foods" like pomme chips, Kellogs, canned goods, Mac Donalds, etc.
  • All finished products with E-numbers
  • Oils, olive oil, etc.

You will have amazing experiences with it, I promise you!

A Quild customer pointed me to Bovis units!

The actual reference to the topic of Bovis units came from a gentleman from Germany who was interested in our Quilds. Before he booked an Immune Booster & EMF Quild, he had a lot of questions and was not yet sure what a Quild can really do.

I answered his questions as best I could. However, he made the decision to buy based on a Bovis measurement. He tested ME from a distance!

Here is the excerpt from His e-mail:

"dear Mr. Koller, I took the liberty to measure your Bovis units / life energy per your portrait on your pages and what can I tell you, you have the BEST of approx. 9000 Bovis!"

This hint was the start of my personal research work. At this point, I can only explain the result of 9000 Bovis units with the use of our Quild's.

PS: The Quild team makes it a point not to do any tests or diagnoses on your clients or other people, without their explicit consent.

Have I sparked your interest?

To make the start as easy as possible for you, I have provided the Bovis tables with which I work myself here for you to download.

The extended table is used if you have a Bovis value higher than 15000 Bovis like I do or if you want to measure other things like Sacred Geometries, Quilds, Stones, Crystals, etc.

If you don't have a pendulum, you can easily use a silver or gold ring. You just take a piece of yarn and tie the ring with a knot. I myself work this way and see no reason to buy a pendulum.

Closing words

I would be very happy to receive feedback from you on this post. What are your experiences, would you like to learn more about working with Bovis measurements.

I appreciate any comment to this post or any message by email.

Andreas Koller

About the author

It is now the time when we can realize that the creation of a perfect world for ourselves lies within ourselves. I have been on this path of creating my own perfect world for a while now. This is taking place for me on the inside as well as the outside.

Working with the Quild's has helped me learn that the subtle world dominates our physical world. We are in control of our own world if we take responsibility for it and keep our thought worlds clean. Come with me on the path to paradise, your paradise!

I create my world with every thought I think. So let us think carefully!

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