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Malaria Treatment


Treat malaria quickly, effectively, without side effects with the Malaria Quild

Product Name:

Malaria Quild


Single (One Person)

Period of use: 

1 Month of Service

Payment options:

30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked

Application area:

Treating malaria cleanly without side effects
  • Malaria treatment with top results within 24 hrs.
  • Can also be used as malaria prophylaxis
  • Fever reduction already noticeable within 5 hours

QUILD success rate:

Success expectation


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Book your Malaria Quild now as an intensive treatment

The Malaria QUILD has proven to be very effective for people traveling Africa and Asia where Malaria is still very common. If you get infected, you can easily book a Malaria QUILD on your phone and get your treatment within minutes.

One of our Quild team members has been living in Kenya since 2009. He had some trouble with the side effects of conventional malaria drugs in the past and started using Quild’s instead.

The local doctors in Kenya don’t advise taking prophylactic Malaria drugs as the rate of outbreaks using them is too high.

He has been using Malaria Quild's for many years now for himself, his family and friends, and people in urgent need of an effective Malaria treatment.

Usually, when the Malaria Quild is used at the onset of a Malaria outbreak, the symptoms often subside overnight, and the patients regain their health. 

Here at Quild's, we have not yet had an incident where we later had to refer a patient to a hospital for another treatment. We however recommend consulting a doctor if the the Quild's treatment does not yield the desired result within 24 hours.

Malaria QUILD’s are an excellent alternative to conventional Malaria treatments.

We are providing a clean alternative to people who believe in a future with a new kind of healthcare.


Check what our clients have to  say about Quild's

I lost my fear to visit africa again!

For my first visit in South Africa, I used Malaria prophylaxis. I had the worst side-effects, I nearly got crazy. I suffered for three years. Even when I really loved the wildlife trip, I knew, I can never go back there. Until a friend told me about Quild's and that I can well go there without using malaria drugs. This year I traveled to Uganda and it was beautiful. Thanks to the Quild team.

Hannes Eugster

Malaria is not longer scarry!

A good friend told me about this Malaria Quild. As I know him well, I trusted him and simply tried. It's impressive how fast it works or that it even works at all. Whatever, I will use it again. Affordable and works well.

Kelly Dimory

I can't believe how fast that works!

I'm a pump engineer and always around water ponds. I always get malaria and usually used cheap drugs. Andreas recommended this thing called Quild to me. As I know him well, I decided to try it! After 3-4 hours the malaria symptoms went away. But what was really unbelievable, the next morning I felt strong like a young boy. I don't know how it works, but I love it.

Martin Akolo

Activate Your Malaria Quild with these three Simple Steps!

Please follow these three simple steps and receive your QUILD within a few minutes. If you missed out on the introduction, consider taking a look here!


Choose your QUILD and complete the order process below to receive your Pocket Quantum Field.


You will receive an email within 10 Minutes, where you can download your personal QUILD and load it to your Mobile Phone, Flash Drive or SDCard.


That's it! You now have activated your QUILD and can expect great results. Make sure you watch the short video after booking  your QUILD.

Malaria Symptoms

Use the Malaria Quild in Case of the following Symptoms

If you experience the following symptoms, we suggest using our Malaria Quild for 7 Days. Acting early will arrest the spread of the malaria virus and make you healthy again in the shortest possible time.

If you traveled to a country with known Malaria prevalence, please keep in mind that theincubation period is usually 15 Days. If symptoms manifest within this time frame, we recommend that you start treatment immediately. In case you consult a doctor, be sure to inform him about your travels.

Malaria infections are characterized by the following symptoms

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle pain and fatigue

The Pros and Cons of the Malaria QUILD

Here's a short overview on the pros and cons of QUILD's.


  • QUILD's are very effective as Malaria treatment
  • QUILD's have shown great results in our trials
  • QUILD's are made to strengthen your immune system
  • QUILD's are super easy to use, simply carry them with you!
  • QUILD's come with a 30 Day money back guarantee
  • QUILD's do not involve introducing any foreign substances to your body.


  • The QUILD Technology is experimental  
  • QUILD's are not FDA approved
  • QUILD's can not override professional medical opinion


Our QUILD’s are the result of more than 15 years of research and development. Since the treatment does not involve introduction of any foreign substances to your body, we can confidently say that QUILD’s are very safe. QUILD’s are arguably the cleanest and most natural way to enable your body to heal itself. Give it a try and learn what QUILD’s can do for you!

Malaria QUILD