How to DOWNLOAD Quild’s to your iPhone or iPad devices

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power user only

The Setup of Quild's on a iPhone or iPad before iOS 11 can be a bit challenging! 

We suggest this process mainly for power users! The native Files app on iPhone and iPad certainly doesn’t please most iOS users. The reason is that Apple doesn’t allow users to access the internal file system. To confirm that your Quild is downloaded properly, you need a third-party file managers from the App Store.

1. Download and Install the free File Hub App from the App Store. Also other File Manager Apps can do!

File Hub is a great file manager for iPhones and iPads. The app offers plenty of features, such as the ability to create folders to organize files. The app will also allow you to share files from your iPhone to a Mac or PC via WiFi transfer, or Bluetooth transfer. This can help you to distribute your Quild to your Flash Drive.

2. Check your mail inbox for the mail with the subject "Your Quild is ready for download"

3. Follow the step's below!


follow the steps

Download your Quild now, following the Red Circles on the print screens.

Step 1

Single click on link

IPhone Step 1

Step 2

Single click on doc

IPhone Step 2

Step 3

Click download

IPhone Step 3

Step 4

Click download

IPhone Step 4

confirm your quild with file manager

Check the Download Folder or Search for "quild" inside your File Manager App

In iOS 11 or higher, check in Files App

You should see the Quild File like that

IPhone Step 5

When using File Hub App

Search for "quild" or check download folder

File Hub App (iPhone)