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Getting Started with QUILD's

What is a Quild? is a new technology using quantum tech principals to improve the health status of humans in different areas.
A Quild is a digital file carrying information, which you keep on your mobile phone, a flash drive, or an SDCard.
We call THE INFORMATION, carried on your Quild a POCKET QUANTUM FIELD, as the technology derives on Quantum Tech Principals.

How can I order a Quild?

Select the Quild you want under “Quild Products” and click on the link "order now" to reach the order pages. Fill the form and complete the order. We will send you the Quild download link, usually within 15 minutes. You download the Quild to your mobile phone, flash drive, or SDCard. That’s all!

Guide for iPhone and iPad? Click here!

Downloading your Quild to an iPhone or iPad can be a bit tricky, as iPhone's by nature like to open every file directly.


Please follow the iPhone / iPad guide

Guide for Android Phone and Pad devices?

Downloading your Quild to an Android device can be a bit tricky, as smart phones by nature like to open every file directly.


Please follow the Android guide

How can I open my Quild file?

You can't open the Quild file and you don't need to. The Quild File with the ending .axx are sealed files which contain the field information.

You simply have to make sure that the file is copied and placed on one of your devices. You can see the guidelines here again.

Can I have more than one Quild?

Yes, of course! You can combine the Quild's that fit your need. You simply but all the Quild's you have ordered inside the folder called /myQuilds on your mobile phone, flash drive, or SDCard. Make sure you carry the device always with you.

Do Quild's have any side-effects?

No, Quild’s don’t have any side-effects. Quild’s DO NOT involve adding any substances to your body. In some cases, we might suggest supplementary helpers mainly from the alternative medicine space to improve and positively speedup results.

Are Quild's approved by FDA or other entities?

No, Quild's are not FDA approved as they are not a drug and don't involve any foreign substances in your body.

Quild's belong to the field of experiential medicine just like e.g. homeopathy, acupuncture and other natural healing methods.

All information about the effects and therapeutic effectiveness are based on our many years of knowledge, research and experience and are not yet recognized by conventional medicine. Check our medicinal disclaimer.

We also like to refer to the executive order of Donald Trump which indicates the right-to-try unconfirmed technologies.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. We only like your money when you are successful with our Quild’s. We have learned that there is a small percentage of around 10%, which not react to our technology. When you are not satisfied with the result, we return your money, no questions asked.

Who invented the Quild technology?

A group of swiss scieniests led by Peter Baumann invented the technology based on quantum physics principals over the last 15 years and continuously improved on it.

The Quild’s as we present them today is the third generation of the initial technology. Account Management

How can I update my Credit Card information

To help you maintain an operative credit card status, we will notify you per email, 7 Days before your Credit Card expires. You will receive a reminder per email from A second reminder will be sent, when your credit card has expired.

You will be requested to visit the following link, where you can update your account information and generally manage your account with

NOTE: This process will ensure, that your subscription remains active without interruption.

How can I manage my account & subscription

If you wish to PAUSE or CANCEL your subscription, you can do this at anytime on your own using the following link.

Simply follow the instructions on the update info page. You can also review your purchase history and manage your contact credentials.

How to use QUILD's - Doe's and Don'ts

What do I do with the Quild now?

That’s the beauty of a Quild. The only thing you do is that you carry it on your mobile phone, flash drive, or SDCard with you.

Learn about the simple three steps on the Quild application page.

The Quild generates a field of information that helps you overcome an illness or protects your body from environmental factors. Make sure you carry it with you all the time!

What is the area covered by the Quild?

Quilds are covering an area with a RADIUS of 10 Meters. If you use a family or group Quild, you can actually cover your entire apartment.

It makes sense to carry your Quild on different devices. You might give your child a Flash Drive or SD card, that they can carry in their pocket or wallet. Others might prefer carring the Quild on their Mobile Phone.

Learn more about the application here!

Are Quild's working for everyone?

As of now, we know that we can’t achieve results for every patient yet. There are too many factors to consider, and every case is different. But overall, we can say that we see great results in most of the cases.
To give an example on that, a patient suffering genital herpes for years surely has a very week immune system. It might take a bit longer to get results than a candidate having the first infection.
Still, we got many testimonies of people suffering herpes for years or even decades, which were able to leave the conventional drugs, and end the recurring outbreaks for good. I think that’s promising for every herpes victim.

What is the Success Predication Rate?

From the data collected, we can give an approximate SUCCESS-RATE for each one of our Quild’s. We find it transparent, to indicate the SUCCESS-RATE on every product page.

We will continuously update the SUCCESS-RATE, based on the customer experience on and possible improvements.

Where should I store my Quild?

You can store your Quild’s on your mobile phone, flash drive, or SDCard. We suggest that you create a folder like /myQuilds on your device and keep the downloaded Quild’s in that folder. Learn more on the Application Page.

Does it also work on a computer?

No, you can’t store your Quild’s on your computer, that won’t work. You can save your Quild’s on your mobile phone, flash drive, or SDCard. We suggest that you create a folder like /myQuilds on your device and keep the downloaded Quild’s in that folder.

Can I hold my Quild on a webmail?

No, don’t let the Quild stay in your Gmail, Live, or other Webmail. It is essential that you download the Quild to your device and keep it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions