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  • Find your vocation in 2023, become a pioneer of a better world.

Welcome to the world of quantum field
modeling with

Find your vocation in 2023, become a pioneer and role model for a better world

We present you with much joy and positive expectation the 2023/2024 Quild.

Following his ancestors, the 2020/2021, 2022 Quild, Peter Baumann has also felt this year in the current time quality and so created for you the 2023/2024 Quild.

We invite you to the adventure of life. Become a pioneer!


The dawn of a new age

I do not want to quote here the astrology or other sciences to the current spirit of the time! Let me share with you what and how I feel in this time.

I create my new world

It is for me a time of liberation of myself. We now ALL have the chance to find ourselves and our vocation and to realize ourselves according to our desire. Let's be pioneers of the new time!

We have to do it ourselves!

Change has been placed in your hands and the universe is waiting for you to start creating.

Are you ready?

The Quild 2023/2024 is a helper for this development!

Peter Baumann described the 2023/2024 Quild to me as follows:

  • Helps awakening to find the path to one's vocation
  • It awakens the pioneer in you
  • Helps you find clarity in your life
  • When the intention is there, it helps to build the connection to the higher self
Does it appeal to you?

Isn't that great? I don't want to add much here in this case.

I myself have been using the 2023/2024 Quild for a few weeks now, together with the also new eTransformer Quild.

What exactly comes from which Quild is difficult to say.

In general, I feel empowered, creative and experience a new understanding of the world every day. I am free, awakening to be a pioneer in my new world!

I recommend the 2023/2024 Quild to all people in search of a new and better world.

Andreas Koller

About the author

It is now the time when we can realize that the creation of a perfect world for ourselves lies within ourselves. I have been on this path of creating my own perfect world for a while now. This is taking place for me on the inside as well as the outside.

Working with the Quild's has helped me learn that the subtle world dominates our physical world. We are in control of our own world if we take responsibility for it and keep our thought worlds clean. Come with me on the path to paradise, your paradise!

I create my world with every thought I think. So let us think carefully!

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