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Divide and Rule in 2021; Why Mankind IS BADLY DIVIDED with all its might!

The concept of "divide and rule" is nothing new! I am writing this post today because it pains me to see friends, family, neighbors who have known and loved each other for many years being separated in this crazy time.

Divide and Rule

I have never experienced this in my life

I am now 51 years old. I have never had to experience people threatening to separate because of trivial differences of opinion. 2020/2021 are the years brought this situation to the extreme. It makes me sad!


An inhuman plan that will not/must not succeed!

Divide and rule.

Imagine if there were a small group of people in this world who believed they had to "lead" or "control" people in order to maintain their power.

We must keep in mind that this group is small.

The group is VERY SMALL, maybe 0.1% of the total human race. You know who I refer to.

They rule by controlling the media, politics, education, health care, and the financial system.

It is not a coincidence! It has a built-in system that we are no longer supposed to meet with friends and family.

What do they fear most?


  • That we are strong and confident
  • That we are united
  • That we are financially stable and independent
  • That we know our rights
  • That we united say NO to injustice

What would be their plan to be able to manipulate us?

The plan, or rather the system, has a name. It is called "Divide and Rule".

They know very well who has the power.


So divide and rule has the goal to divide us, so that we see more and more even our closest as our enemies. Only in this way can a united humanity be manipulated and controlled.

Our world has never been so full of such manipulations/separations as today!

I am almost certain that one of the following divisions/manipulations could divide you from every person you have ever known and loved in your life.

Check out this parts of "divide and rule"

Corona believer vs Corona unbeliever

Conventional medicine against alternative medicine

Mask wearers against non mask wearers

virologists against virologists

Healthy against sick

Young against old

The "normal" against the "conspiracy theorists"

"Awakened" against "sleeping sheep"

"Experts" against conspirators

Truth against untruth

News watchers vs. Telegram watchers

Catholics vs. Muslims vs. Buddhists vs. ...

Believers against atheists

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

Pro Trump vs. Anti Trump

Blacks vs. Whites

Right vs. Left

Employees vs. employers

Homosexuals vs. heterosexuals

Vegans vs. meat eaters

Women against men against transgender

Chinese against Americans against Russians

Where does DIVIDE AND RULE come from?

It may be because of our Latin lessons, where we first heard about "divide et impera". In any case, many of us think of the ancient Romans when they talk about "divide and rule". Yet the origin of this phrase is not clear and could just as well be attributed to Machiavelli.

If you want to learn more about the principle, I recommend this great blog post.


Divide and rule only works if we join in.

Let me tell you a little story!

It is my story as a white man in Kenya for 10 years.

I don't live in the capital Nairobi, nor on the coast in Mombasa. I live in a small town in the highlands of Kenya where very few whites live today. There are a couple of white missionaries, some white doctors in exchange programs mostly from the USA, and a handful of young German farmers who offer their experience in modern agriculture here, because they earn more with their knowledge here today than in Germany as young farmers servants.

By the way, it was not always like that!

At that time, there were quarters in this city called Eldoret where only whites were allowed.

The whites arrived here in 1903 and with their knowledge of agriculture they began to cultivate corn and wheat. They bought large plots of land for little money and used them with the help of the still poorly educated population.

I think it was around 1960 where during the time of "Independence Day 1963" the whites were encouraged to leave and give their land back.

Today, there is a kind of love-hate relationship with the white man in relation to this time. On one hand, he has brought a lot of know-how and hence growing prosperity, but unfortunately there was also unpleasant "slavery" and oppression during this time.

I love living here, I feel very much at home!

Almost all my friends here are black. I am very grateful that I have been very kindly received here. Nevertheless, there are wounds that sometimes open up with men of the older generation. It is with these men who can still remember the stories of their mothers and fathers. Some stories are positive others are very unpleasant to cruel.

We sit together in the bar called "White Highlands"

This bar was at that time, as the name says, only white people allowed. Today I am usually the only white person there. In the vast majority of cases I am VERY welcome and integrated. In long conversations with sometimes 5 or 6 men united at one table, I have learned a lot about them and they about me.

It is precisely this communication that builds bridges.

I experience their pain and suffering and on the other hand I can share my opinion. They understand that I personally grew up in a family where we never judged or condemned race, color, religion, opinion, and so on.

That's probably why I'm so free in my dealings with all people today.

Today I know that I will never lack a friend to talk to. When I go there, it never takes five minutes before I'm sitting at a table united with some great people. We appreciate and accept each other, even if we know where we might think a little differently.

It is not a problem, on the contrary, it is a healing experience for all!

And another story on the subject "Black WITH White"

Besides many casual acquaintances, people I met one, two or three times, I also made three really good friends. This story speaks of one of them!

Privileged raised in Kenya

My Kenyan friend was born the son of a doctor in Eldoret and grew up in an upper-class environment. He attended the best schools here and was able to go to America early after his studies as an IT expert. He is very talented and almost immediately got a great job at AT&T. He was soon selected by his white boss for difficult jobs and sent around the country.

Judged as a black man in America

He told me about his experiences as a black man in America. He talked about situations where he entered a restaurant and after a short time was told that as a black man he was not welcome here. He had to leave the restaurant and was not served.

He spoke about experiences with the police, where his skin color or origin led to big problems. As a Swiss, I did not know where these divisions come from and how deep they are. I learned a lot from him, simply through an open conversation.

We are so different and yet so alike in many ways

As I read through the list above, there are certainly EIGHT separations of other opinions. We can debate them freely and sometimes a little provocatively.

We allow each other to have a different opinion. Understanding often arises from the remarks of both of us, but not agreement.

Agreement is not necessary, understanding is enough!

I have no other friend with whom our inequality has created so much closeness. It is a sign of adult action when two people can duel like this.

Often the other folks at the table are surprised that we duel so much and yet seem so close and connected. It is extraordinary!

Then when we say goodbye at the end of the evening, we hug and he tells me in a very American manner and very affectionately, "My Friend, you are a bad ass mother fucker" and I reply "Nice to have you in my life".

What I wish for all people!

If sometimes we are not allowed to meet during this time because the government has mandated it, STILL DO IT!

And if this does not work, call a friend, ask how it goes. If you then feel triggered at one of the SEPARATIONS, talk about it. Don't try to convince the other person, just share your opinion and let it stand.

Agreement is not necessary, understanding is enough!

Friends and family are too valuable for an outside group or the news to drive a wedge through you.

I'm not going along with divide and rule!

I look forward to your feedback on this post!

Be kind to each other and understanding.


Andreas Koller

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Andreas Koller

About the author

It is now the time when we can realize that the creation of a perfect world for ourselves lies within ourselves. I have been on this path of creating my own perfect world for a while now. This is taking place for me on the inside as well as the outside.

Working with the Quild's has helped me learn that the subtle world dominates our physical world. We are in control of our own world if we take responsibility for it and keep our thought worlds clean. Come with me on the path to paradise, your paradise!

I create my world with every thought I think. So let us think carefully!

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