How to DOWNLOAD Quild’s to your Android Phone or Pad

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Follow the six simple steps

To Setup of Quild's on Android Devices follow this simple steps carefully!

Since Android 5.0, every Android Phone or Pad has a File App. Unfortunately, sometimes it is still confusing, where Android stores downloaded files. You will use the SEARCH FUNCTION inside the FILE APP in the end of the process to confirm, that you successfully DOWNLOADED your Quild. 

Depending on the Brand of your Android Phone (Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Google, Tecno, ...) the FILE APP can have different names like "File", "File Manager", "My Files", "File Explorer". Also the following print screens will look a bit different depending on your brand. I used a Huawei Phone to make the print screens.

1Check your mail inbox for the mail with the subject "Your Quild is ready for download"

2. Follow the step's below!


Download the quild

Download your Quild now, following the Red Circles on the print screens.

Step 1

Click on download link in mail once

Open Mail

Step 2

Look for download function or symbol

Look for Download

Step 3

Click download in menu

Choose Download

You will see a short confirmation box for the download.

confirm your quild with file manager

Search for "quild" inside your File Manager App

Depending on your Android Phone Type (Samsung, Huawei, Google, Oppo, ...), the File Manager might be called File, My Files, File Manager. Also the following screens can differ a bit.

Step 4

Open the Files APP with single click

Android File App

Step 5

Search for "quild" inside the search box

Android File App

Step 6

Confirm that you see the QUILD.axx in your search results

Search File in Android