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Herpes HSV-1, HSV-2

I feel better! Also generally more vital and energized

Christine Jaroszewski

Mein erster Kontakt mit Immune Booster Quild

Mr. Peter Baumann was recommended to me by friends. When he had just released new Immune Booster Quild, he pointed this out to me. One evening I loaded the program onto my computer and the following morning onto a stick.
That morning I felt discouraged, tired and desperate because of the chronic illness I was diagnosed with a few months ago. I put the stick in my pocket.

I could hardly believe what happened next: At that moment it was like pressing a light switch! What had moved and burdened me before was gone. My body felt strong, my vision was clear and I looked confidently and full of trust at the new day and into the future. And these feelings and sensations continued!

Susanne K.

Everyone should have a immunity booster quild

Two years ago I was diagnosed with genital herpes. That was shocking! By simple luck I found the herpes-no website of Peter Baumann. Most likely my lifestyle with to much stress, little sleep, ... was the reason, that i got infected. My body was simply not strong enough. Herpes-No fixed my herpes and i was invited for early tests of the immunity booster quild. Since then, I rarely pick a flue or something. I love it. Try it and include your family!

Friedhelm Wachtel

4 Years no doctor visit for my kids

When I moved in with my second wife, our kids always caught flues and stuff and their mum rushed them to the doctor. They always came home with a bunch of drugs. Pills, syrups, you name it. Antibiotics for every little flue, i didn't like that. Peter gave me the earlier version of the immunity booster and our situation changed. We still sometimes got early since of flues, but they neve escalated. No doctor and no antibiotics for 4 years, I'm very happy and recommend the immunity booster to everyone.

Andreas Koller , CEO

Thank you guys

I have had the most persistent lip herpes for as long as I can remember and it had severely damaged my self-esteem and my confidence was at an all-time low due to the permanent blisters on my lips. When I stumbled upon your website a month ago, I was hesitant to give it a go but I am so glad that I did!! I got better barely two days later and didn't even have to pay for anything yet! I will be forever grateful to you guys! thanks so much!

Gavin O'hara

Great, helped me fast

Sometime life could be so easy! I wish I would have none that earlier. Fast progress, pains gone, and I feel strong again. Congratulation. Will recommend...

Ricky Stanley

Wow, this emf quilds do wonders

I moved to a while ago into a new apartment. After a while I discovered problems with sleep and felt always tired. Sometimes i even felt some areas on my body burning. Consulting Mr. Baumann, I was told that I react on radiation in the environment. He suggested to try this emf quild that I put on my flash drive. After only a few days, i was ok again. Vitalized, strong, relaxing sleep, it's wonderful. Great technology!

Andreas Kunz

I'm ok again 🙂 Thank you

I didn't even know that im sensitive to electro smog. But I always felt tired and had a hard time concentrating on my study. Then I was given this quild and I stored it on my phone. After a few days, everything changed. Since then i feel great and I won't leave the house without my quild. Thank you to the quild team.

Ingrid Blattmann

You ended my genital herpes

I can't really explain my feelings. After nearly 18 Years of recurring herpes type 2 outbreaks, I found your website a number of months back. It was first hard to believe that something like this can work. When I started the pains went very fast and the wounds started healing as promised. Around 6 weeks later, another outbreak occurred, but much softer then I was used to. And then, like a wonder, NO MORE OUTBREAKS for more than 3 Month now. That's so great. Thank you so much, you gave me my life back.

Steven Halk

A great alternative to conventional medicine

For many years, I'm allergic to many types of conventional drugs. It is scary when you know that you can't take normal drugs. Somebody referred me to Mr. Baumann. His special treatments helped me to maintain a system. I rarely get sick and when I do, like a wonder, I recover very fast. I can't say what it is, but the quild is the only thing I use. Thank you, Mr. Baumann

Hanny Rubli

Finally a herpes treatment that works!

I have been having the worst pain from my genital herpes from 4 years ago and never thought that I would ever find a cure that takes care of the pain as effectively as these codes do! It's almost magical! It's unbelievable how great I feel after 4 years of excruciating pain! Keep at it guys!

Mercy Lu

Your Quilds are awesome!

I got infected by genital herpes 4 months ago and I felt like doomed. I tried several things that I found online, nothing helped until I came over your awesome technology. I can only say THANK YOU, everything went exactly as described and since now more than 10 weeks I didn't have another outbreak. That's so great and I'm very thankful that I found you people. Great support, I will recommend to you where ever possible. Keep up your great work.

Lydia Jackson

No burning body areas! Wonderfull!

I'm hypersensitive to emf radiation. I tried different things in the past and I also have a meter to measure my environment. With the emf protection quild, i had immediate success. Areas in my house which a avoided are not longer disturbing me. If you are hypersensitive or not, you should try this thing and protect yourself. Congrats to the inventor.

Billy Johnson

Herpes Simplex Virus Typ 1

Ich hatte wieder ein kribbeln an den Lippen. Dank der Behandlung ist dies nach einem Tag verschwunden. Es ist wie Magie. Danke

Urs Storni