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Frequently Asked Questions

Quild.net - Changing the World to be Better!

QUILD's are the invention of a team of natural doctors, biologists, physicists, computer scientists and electronics engineers headed by Peter Baumann. 

We developed the QUILD Pocket Quantum Field technology to help humanity in different health issues in a clean, safe and innovativ way.

Trentsetter GmbH, a swiss technology provider has developed the QUILD.net website and operates the platform under supervision of the QUILD team.

A revolution is needed in the health sector and we like to be a leading part in it.

Let's create clean and natural ways to fix severe health and mental issues for good, using quantum technology principals.

The Quild Team

Peter Baumann

Peter Baumann

Naturopath & Inventor

QUILD R&D and Team Leader


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Andreas Koller

Andreas Koller

IT Consultant & CEO

QUILD Technology and Support


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