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20/21 Quild

The 2022 Quild helps you to see new perspectives and solutions and to find peace with yourself and the new world.

What the Quild 2022 can do for you

The Quild 2022 is a further development of the Quild 20/21 and thus adapted to current events in 2022.

The Quild 2022 helps the user to find more to himself. It helps to free you from collective fear and to strengthen your own thoughts in a light and constructive way.

It brings positive, constructive feelings and emotions into your life and helps to integrate them and to make life calmer and more worth living.

The 2022 Quild also helps you to confidently implement your own and the collective knowledge in the sense of the universal plan.

The new Quild for 2022 also promotes your creativity to actively react to current events.

It is now time to act.

You get help in implementing your vision for One/Your new and better world.

The challenges in 2022 after the Corona pandemic.

We expect the pandemic to end in the first quarter of 2022.

But be aware, the "normality" we thought we had in 2019 will never come back.

What we experienced in 2019 and decades before, when looked at through the truth-glasses, was not normality.

We just didn't know anything better and so we accepted it as normal. That time is NOW over and we will have change in our hands.

A new era begins!

Each of us now has the opportunity to develop personally, spiritually and mentally as rarely before. Use this quality of time for your growth and create your new world.

Become critical and take responsibility for yourself. Everyone is responsible for themselves and capable of creating a better world.

If you want to change your life more actively, be sure to check out the Hero Quild.

Help to heal the wounds of the old system!

The trauma of the last years and centuries runs deep in most people. Hardly anyone could avoid the brainwashing.

The manipulation by media and politics have left deep wounds. Illness and insecurity for the future can arise from this.

It is now up to us, each person individually and together as a community, to process what has happened and to create new perspectives and solutions.

The Quild 2022 helps you to do this.

The History of the Quilt 20/21

The Quild 20/21 was developed on 2 December 2020 after a spiritual contact between Peter Baumann and his late father.

Since Peter Baumann does not normally seek contact with the deceased, he knows that when a soul knocks on his door, it always has a message ready for him. That evening, too, at about 11 p.m., someone knocked on his door.

Peter Baumann described the event to me the following day as follows:

I was amazed to hear my father and the message he had for me. I should create a Quild, helpful for the people in this very special time.

He could not transmit anything more to me, because the Quilds as such have nothing to do with him.

Afterwards, I asked my spiritual helper, who assists me in the development, for more information and the Quild was born around midnight.

The Quild 2022 is a helper for people who want to free themselves from the unlight. It helps you actively and creatively to create a new and better world.

Activate Your 2022 Quild following three Simple Steps

Please follow the three simple steps and receive your QUILD within a few minutes. You missed out on the introduction, consider taking a look here!


Choose your QUILD and complete the order process below to receive your Pocket Quantum Field.


We send you an email in the next 10 Minutes, where you can download your personal QUILD and load it to your Mobile Phone, Flash Drive or SDCard.


That's it! You now have activated your QUILD and you can expect great results. Make sure you watch the short video after booking  your QUILD.

The Pro and Cons of the 2022 QUILD

Let me give you a short overview about the pros and contra's of QUILD's.


  • Increased creativity and help with implementation
  • The 2022 Quild brings harmony into your life
  • Free yourself from the collective fear
  • Experience lightful and creative thoughts
  • The 2022 Quild helps to integrate positive and uplifting feelings and emotions into life
  • It helps you to implement your own and the collective knowledge with confidence.
  • The 2022 Quild prepares you for this time of change.
  • The 2022 Quild has shown great results in our self-tests
  • QUILD's have guaranteed no side effects
  • QUILD's are easy to use
  • QUILD's have a 30 day money back guarantee
  • QUILD's do not add any foreign substances to the body


  • QUILD's are not FDA approved
  • QUILD's can't replace professional advice


QUILD’s are the result of more than 15 years of research and development. As we don’t involve any foreign substances on your body, we can surely say, QUILD’s are very safe. QUILD’s are most likely the cleanest and most natural way to harmonize and enable your body to heal itself. Please give it a trial and learn what QUILD’s can do for you.

2022 QUILD