Welcome to the fascinating World of QUILD's, Your Pocket Quantum Field

A QUILD is a highly effective pocket quantum field which can boost immunity, protect against emf radiation, and treat various illnesses. By merely carrying a QUILD on your phone or flash drive, you create a protective and healing field around you.



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QUILD's Intensive Treatments

QUILD's are a clean & effective alternative to known conventional medicine without any side effects. Corona Virus, HSV-1 / HSV-2 Herpes, Varicella Zoster Virus, Epstein Barr Virus, Malaria, Hayfever, and more.

Prevention & Protection QUILD's

The Immunity Booster and EMF Protection  QUILD work as a preventive and protective measure and improve your overall health status over time. Try it, and you will experience the difference soon.

QUILD's for your general well being.

We are living in difficult times where it can be hard to maintain a positive mindset. The Harmony Quild brings some happiness into your life and makes you feel better. Create more harmony in your life now!


The technical principal of a QUILD "Pocket Quantum Field"

Have you ever wondered what happens when you think about somebody, and only seconds later, this person calls you or sends a text?

There is a field around you! It is your field interacting with your surrounding or even better with the ONE FIELD. The principal of a QUILD is that we modulate your aura with unique information to achieve a given goal.

By carrying the QUILD on a flash drive or mobile phone with you, you create a surrounding field that protects you from interference's and even heal your body from illness.

The method is based on the latest technology since quantum tech principals and have been proven to be highly effective.


Check out what our clients had to say about Quild's!

I'm ok again :) Thank you

I didn't even know that im sensitive to electro smog. But I always felt tired and had a hard time concentrating on my study. Then I was given this quild and I stored it on my phone. After a few days, everything changed. Since then i feel great and I won't leave the house without my quild. Thank you to the quild team.

Ingrid Blattmann

Finally a herpes treatment that works!

I have been having the worst pain from my genital herpes from 4 years ago and never thought that I would ever find a cure that takes care of the pain as effectively as these codes do! It's almost magical! It's unbelievable how great I feel after 4 years of excruciating pain! Keep at it guys!

Mercy Lu

No burning body areas! Wonderfull!

I'm hypersensitive to emf radiation. I tried different things in the past and I also have a meter to measure my environment. With the emf protection quild, i had immediate success. Areas in my house which a avoided are not longer disturbing me. If you are hypersensitive or not, you should try this thing and protect yourself. Congrats to the inventor.

Billy Johnson


Quild's will make you see the world in a positive new way

Our QUILD Therapy, just like homeopathy, acupuncture and other natural healing methods all belong to the field of experiential medicine.

All assertions on effects and therapeutic effectiveness are based on many years of knowledge, research, and experience and are not yet recognized by conventional medicine. Likewise, QUILD therapy cannot replace a visit to an alternative practitioner or doctor.

That said, we'd like as many people as possible to try and experience the QUILD effect. To take every risk from you, we offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on all our QUILD’s.

Pocket Quantum Field